Say Good-Bye To Winter- Just For The Halibut

Friday, April 5th, 2013 | posted by mike

mike monahan with halibut catch

Chuck, Tom & Mike Monahan with their Alaskan halibut catch

We knew it would happen. Spring has finally arrived! Alaskan halibut season is open and right now we’re seeing some of the fattest, freshest fish of the year!

The dense, firm flesh of these big beauties is very versatile and takes to many cooking methods. Baked, pan seared, steamed, poached, fried or grilled, this fish has a delicate flavor and takes on the taste of whatever you sauce it with. The pan searing method in today’s recipe, sears in the tastiness and the moisture and is wonderful over spring asparagus with a tangy lemon caper dill butter sauce.

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